Strong Hands, Strong Heart Bodyworks - Healing Space, Healing Place
Welcome...  I am Shirley WilliamsNCTMB, LCSW, CR,  a Bodywork Therapist  who works from my home-studio in Longmont, Colorado. I spent the first two decades of my professional life as a Social Worker. I worked in variety of psychology-health-educational settings during those years. Since I moved to Colorado from Michigan, I have been re-training in the Complementary Therapies of: Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Cupping, Acupressure, Essential Oils, Equine-Oriented Psychotherapy, Animal-Assisted Therapy, Therapeuticic Rhythmic Drumming and the Aquatic Therapies of Watsu® and Healing Dance®. In my spare time, I am a Clay Artist and have found that working at the pottery wheel, or hand-building is another therapeutic tool  I am engaged in here in my home pottery studio.
My  private home Bodywork space is a place where  you will feel safe and comfortable. My work is nurturing and directed to what your body needs on that particular day. I believe that  in a world that often seems harsh and insensitive, taking care of yourself is essential. It helps build resilience and returns you to your best self ever. Let me help you do this. Please call to schedule a session or just review this website periodically to get some inspiration and find some peace and connection.


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