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"Your Body is Still the Best Home Your Mind will Ever Have." Matthew Sandford, Yoga Teacher
Over the years, I have created my own
signature approach to therapy. The focus of my work for the last 25 years,  has been an integration of all that I know about Psychology and all that I know about BodyworkTherapy. I continue to learn about both and incorporate other people's learning into my life and work. Matthew Sandford is one of those people I continue to learn from. Matthew is a Yoga Teacher, who is paralyzed from the chest down from a car accident when he was age 13. Matthew has turned his unique experience with yoga and paralysis into a mind-body approach to living with a disability. His approach helps people living with trauma, loss and disability become measurably healthier and happier by connecting with their bodies in ways they never thought possible. The quote above is taken from his DVD "Beyond Disability..a Yoga Practice". If you don't yet have a yoga practice of your own, this would be a great way to start for both disabled folks and others. Contact Matthew at or at

Therapeutic Bodywork
 I have been trained in the Swedish Massage modality, however, my work is deeply intuitive  and regenerating. I use therapeutic-grade essential oils, reflexology, warm herbal compresses, cupping  and sound therapy for those who would benefit from these adjunct  tools. My sessions are generally 90 minutes, but if time is an issue, I can adjust the session length.  For those clients who have a Sensory Impairment issue, having weighted blankets placed on their body during the session sometimes helps with feeling cocoon-like safety and comfort. My therapy office is in my  home-studio in Longmont, Colorado. It is in a dedicated quiet space in the lower level of my  home and is wheelchair accessible.

In addition to being a Bodywork Therapist, I am a Psychotherapist 
or, as some people call it, a "Talk Therapist". I see my clients in the same quiet and private space of my home studio. I also have a pottery/art studio adjacent to my home where clients can do some clay art. I often use adjunct  therapeutic tools of art, drawing, journal writing, somatic exercises, movement and drumming in my sessions.

I earned a B.A. in Psychology and MSW from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and have nearly 30 years of post-degree professional 
experience ( I often incorporate  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) into my work with people who would benefit from making sense of old memories that don't serve them well. 

Shirley Williams,ACSW, DCSW, LCSW, NCBTMB
1245 Aspen St.
Longmont, Colorado 80501

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30 minute -$40
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90 minutes- $100 


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